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   Thursday, June 02, 2005  
I started this Blog with the intent to inform people in my district and the state of Georgia of happenings in the General Assembly. Maintaining this Blog by responding to individual posts (99% of which are outside my district and even Georgia) and by having to remove some uncooth individuals' vulgar comments, seems to not having the value added that I had expected.
I believe this is a good idea and may use it next session (Jan - Apr '06), but for now; I am siging out.

Ron Forster
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Ronald L. Forster
Georgia House District 3
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I established this BLOG site on recommendation from a concerned citizen in Georgia.
I have in the past sent out media releases (some printed/some not) to my local papers and all those that requested to be on my group mailing list.
I hope to use this BLOG to better/faster inform and encourage more citizen involvement in our Government which is run by 'the people'.
I represent House District 3; comprised of most of Catoosa and South Whitfield counties.