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   Tuesday, April 19, 2005  
The abuse of methamphetamine (a potent psycho-stimulant) is an extremely serious and growing problem. Although use of methamphetamine initially was limited to a few urban areas in the Southwest, and now rural areas throughout the Southeast are becoming more affected by the drug.

Methamphetamine begins with a normally inactive compound - ephedrine or pseudoephedrine - and other chemicals are added to produce the drug. Over-the-counter cold and asthma medications (containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine), red phosphorous, hydrochloric acid, drain cleaner, battery acid, lye, lantern fuel, and antifreeze are among the ingredients most commonly used. These Methamphetamine "labs" create Acute Public Health Consequences.

Fatal kidney and lung disorders, brain damage, liver damage, blood clots, chronic depression, hallucinations, violent and aggressive behavior, malnutrition, disturbed personality development, deficient immune system, and methamphetamine psychosis, a mental disorder that may be paranoid psychosis or may mimic schizophrenia. Know the facts about this horrible drug.

Governor Sonny Perdue today visited the Food Lion Grocery Store in Chickamauga, Georgia to sign House Bill 216. This legislation will help law enforcement combat the manufacture and abuse of methamphetamine by requiring products with pseudoephredine as the sole active ingredient to be sold behind the counter of a retail or pharmacy store. The legislation also establishes reporting procedures for wholesalers and retailers.

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   Monday, April 18, 2005  
The original bill banned smoking everywhere except your home (there was even mention of an amendment so you couldn't smoke in your car if there was a child riding with you). I don't smoke, don't like smoke, but I did not think it was right for the government to remove the right of private business to decide.

An extensive study at UCLA (initially funded by the American Cancer Society) shows no significant correlation between second hand smoke and increased risk of lung cancer or heart disease for adults. However many studies show significant correlation between increased risk of disease in children from environmental smoke.

Polls show that about 70% of people favor a smoking ban. Coincidentally, only about 27% of people smoke. Here in Georgia we passed a smoking ban, but exempted places of business with 10 or less employees, places that don't allow 18yrs old & under, places that have specific ventilation designed to exhaust outside, and the smoking cages at the Atlanta airport. I voted for almost every amendment.

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